Automatic inspection system using artificial intelligence for flexible manufacturing


Our Innovative Technology

The electromagnetic conveyor levitates with parts in all directions, allowing rotation around the vertical axis. High variability of testers (optics, microscopy, eddy currents, tactile measurements, X-rays, etc.). Analysis of measured data using Deep Learning, learning also based on synthetic data (digital twin product). High clock 3s, cooperation with industrial robots. Rich analysis process data with feedback on the management of production technologies. This makes it possible to reduce poor quality already in production.


Deep Learning

power by LOTYLDA DL

Application of Deep Learning methods for image data analysis. Learning on the basis of patterns, similar to man. Or searching deviations from mathematical standards compiled on the basis of knowledge of OK pieces. Possibility of training neural networks based on artificial data. Ideal for very rare defects for which there are not enough samples. Network training can take place in the cloud (Google, Amazon), so there is no blocking of the device while learning.


About Us is a product of the alliance stoba Customized Machinery and OptiSolutions s.r.o. with the support of Beckhoff. It is a combination of precision engineering, advanced automation and artificial intelligence. Mechanics and automation are developed and manufactured in Memmingen, Bavaria, SW and mathematical models in Prague. The headquarters of trade and support is in Brno.

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